Convert 2004 to 2003

How can I save my parts from 2004 to 2003.
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St Peter
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Directly, you can't - that topic has been discussed here several times. The only way is to export it out of 2004 as a parasolid or something and then back into 2003, but it doesn't come back in with all its functionality. Sorry.
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Wayne Tiffany
This issue has finally made it all the way to the top. Perhaps this means that whomever is responsible for not having backward compatibility with SWX files will NOT get into Heaven?????
just wondering......
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John Kreutzberger
I don't envision swx (or any other software publisher) offering backward file compatibility. It would remove much of the user incentive to upgrade ($$). The closest thing would be a 3rd party utility, but I doubt there would be enough sales volume to justify the rather short lifespan of a given version.
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bill allemann
Of course we would like all the variuos CAD tools to work harmoniously. I would settle though for any one CAD solution that will alway talk in a basic full feature way with the last three revs of itself. This sort of thing ( where we all have to upgrade in order to work together) is draining the pockets of business and is stifling the advancemant of society. Mayby we can get some legislation going. How should it read? Mayby: "Any software used in the US must be backward compatible for 3 revions or 3 years which ever time period is longer"
What do ya'll think?
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Imagine if microsofts office products were not backward compatible from one release to another! the world would stop!!
its tricky, one of our partners have upgraded to 2004 and having lots of difficulties, thus we dont want to as 2003 is working fine?
What do you do!
we will upgrade when ready
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I believe Baren-Boym is working on such a utility. As I recall, they are hoping to show it at SW World.
Jerry Steiger Tripod Data Systems
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Jerry Steiger
would be great! sadly dont think its gonna happen!
can we included us in the UK too!!!!!
Graeme Robinson
United Kingdom
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Another approach would be to store cad files in a "standard" format that would preserve structure (features) instead of geometry. We started the
formatting link
project on this, but haven't enough resources to push it forward. Anyone wants to help/sponsor this ?
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Philippe Guglielmetti

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