Crash Problem

I have noticed that I get consistent crashes when trying to add an additional sheet to a .slddrw document using the "Add Sheet" command. It doesn't seem to matter if I r-click the sheet tab or the sheet or Sheet1 in the history tree, the result is the same: If I select Add Sheet, SW2004 immediately crashes and I get the standard lame SW error message about terminating due to an unhandled error. This seems to happen on all slddrw documents - new, old, single sheet, multiple sheet, etc.

Any help out there? It would really be nice if I could make drawings with more than one sheet...

Eric Simon Dexterity Design

SW2004 sp2.1

2.4GHz P4 1GB RAM ELSA GloriaIII XP Pro
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Eric Simon
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I've been doing it on 2004, SP2.1 with no problems. Sorry.


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Wayne Tiffany

No problems here either SW2004 Sp2.1

Krister L

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Krister L

Same here SW2004 2.1, no problems adding sheets.

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Richard Charney

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