Creating a different size templates from an existing template...

I have templates created in an earlier version 2001 or + I think. Anyway I
am now using 2004 with a new co and would like to tweak my existing temps to
meet their needs. Sometime along the way SWX changed the way the temps work.
I used to be able to open say a b size, drag out the boarder to say a c size
and then save as a temp to the new size as well as the sheet format. I have
set up the template (c size) so that all I have to do is change a height and
width dim and it readjust to the proper template size BUT I get it to work
like it used to and cannot figure any rhyme or reason to how it acts. If I
use the existing template and point the sheet format to the new resized
format I have it keeps the c size page even though it reduces the template
entities. then I can't get it to locate on the new page size correctly. I
realize these are confusing details but I am really just looking for the
process to take an existing template and sheet format, resize it and save it
off as the a new size template. I can email the c size temp I ave if you
need to look at it and try it. Thanks!
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This is a bug in 2004. Report this to your VAR. If they are good, they should give you the SPR # and notify you when it is resolved.
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