Drawing Distribution logging

Does anybody have an automated way of logging drawing distribution.
We had an in house developed application for MDT that automatically pulled
titleblock data to populate a database. It has a nice GUI front end that
allows you to populate the DB with pull down lists of people then you can go
to a page and see a list of all the people that have that particular drawing
and the rev they have.
We have transitioned to SW and now the DB has to populated manually with the
BOM data. Does anybody have a method/tool to accomplish the same sort of
thing in SW? Does anybody know if any PDM systems have distribution logging
capabilities, say PDMworks enterprise.
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Steve Reinisch
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We don't use a PDM at my shop, but in the demo I saw at a user group the search criteria seemed very extensive. I seem to remember an elaborate query panel of some sort where you could find just about anything. I suppose this would accomplish the same thing as your current system. The whole idea of PDMWorks is revision control, and who has permissions to read and commit changes to a "vault". So that's probably what you're looking for as well.
Just call up your VAR and have them setup a demo for you. They love pushing those extra apps like PDMWorks and COSMOS anyway :).
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