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Just looking for a way to get my Solidworks parts into 3D Studio Max 5.1.
Hopefully a .3DS export? DXF would work too. Xchangeworks took over my
system last time I tried it, so now I'm scared :). Free is always a good
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Michael Grassmyer
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STL seems to work pretty good
Krister L
Michael Grassmyer skrev i diskussionsgruppsmeddelandet:Fw9wb.85222$ snipped-for-privacy@twister.rdc-kc.rr.com...
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Krister L
YOu might want to do a google search. This has been discussed before.
Michael Grassmyer wrote:
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formatting link
can buy a 3ds export here.
i don't work for them.
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Sean Phillips
I have also used stl without problems.
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Markku Lehtola
Although you can use STL file, you have much better control of the file size and mesh with 3D file converter. It is designed to save SW parts and assemblies to many formats,
see and try it at
formatting link

Thanks, Michael
P.S I do work for them...LOL
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Baren-Boym Company
Max has an IGES importer available as an add-in.
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Mark Biasotti

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