File syncronisation - Home to office to home to office to home to office .....

Going up in the world - getting an M20 for use on the road etc
however I am considering how best to organise the management of SW
files and others.
I currently use one machine but use no PDM software ( I used
Quicksilver in the past but that software is no more, which is a great
shame as it was brilliant at its job).
Any suggestions on software/stategies to allow me to continue to work
mainly on my main computer but occassionally take files onto the
laptop and work on them, save changes and then return them to my main
computer with changes etc already with the minimum of fuss. When
working on the laptop the main computer will not be used for SW as I
can't be in two places at once ;-)
The lap top will run Windows XP and main computer win2000sp4 - however
I can upgrade that to winxp if required.
Have a wireless router modem at work as others use my Internet
connection, so I could use the Wireless to move files around.
Any software/strategy does not have to deal with a second license of
SW as I don't have one ;-)
Thanks in advance for any advice or pointer for directions to
Currently using sw2006.
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I use SyncBack for this. Sync all files to my portable harddrive at night when I go home and if I work on them at home off the portable, I sync back to the work PC in the morning.
I also use SyncBack for backing up all (10 gig) to the server every few days.
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Cam J
Thanks for thank CamJ - and its freewware !!
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