Home office?

I'm thinking I can get more done at home (I used to work at home and loved
it) and am trying figure out what to buy. I will be designing with
Solidworks but also need MS Office. My assemblies aren't large - maybe 20
parts tops.
I'm considering a laptop but I'm just not convinced mobility is necessary.
I'll pay a bit more for the convenience though.
Any suggestions on the latest, greatest, and cheapest? I'm old and tired
and just don't have the desire to keep up computers. I'm not really
interested in building something. Dell? What model?
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I got a brand new Dell M70 off of e-bay last year for $1300. I bumped the memory up to 2gb (it had 512mb) and am using it at this precise moment to do what you ask. It doesn't have the hi-res display (1600 x 1200 IIRF) as that option nearly doubles the cost. Look on e-bay or the Dell refurb list for options. It does have the nvidia quaddro video adapter, so it could drive a much higher resolution external monitor.
I've just about maxed out the hard drive, but I can get a 80gb fast notebook drive for $100 nowadays. That should keep me for another year ;>
If I was using this at home, I would buy one of the docking stations and use that in conjunction with a real keyboard, mouse and big honking monitor.
Good luck, =========================================================================== Chris
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Chris Dubea
I 2nd the Dell laptop choice, and moved exclusively to a Dell Inspiration 8000 laptop when I bought SolidWorks 2000 years back. It still functions well, though it is merely a backup in case disaster ocurrs at this point. Unless some power issue comes up with massive assemblies, I don't see a need to leave the m60-m70 laptop for a desktop. If you like to do a lease-purchase, Dell will sell you a brand new spankin' M90 for a few hundred clams a month.
Since then I've upgraded to the Dell M60, 1.7 ghz, and have maxed the memory and a fast hard drive, and it is now 2+ years old and still a work horse that I can move around reliably. I have a friend doing medical hardware design, who still works efficiently on his M50 at his home office and the company he does most of his work for, and their vendors.
I just do not let the M70 on the Internet, except for critical updates from Microsoft, if I really think I need them. This issue is just me, though, as most people set up adequate firwalls and anti-malware programs. Those programs can slow down SolidWorks, though.
I personally let my MacBook Pro do all my Internet work (& incendentally use it for SolidWorks on the road now, too, as they've finally made the move to the Intel CPU).
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Thanks Chris.
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