Home at last

After many years residing at my parents house, 4HP Petter M number 66688
has finally made the move to W. London.
This was my very first engine, a Christmas present from my father some time
in the early-mid 70's. I remember initially being a bit disappointed - after
all stationary engines were supposed to be four-stroke, open crank,
hit-and-miss governed devices, usually red with Amanco written on the side!
However the Petter was treated to what became a typical NHH 'restoration',
ie, returned to decent mechanical order with cosmetics left well alone and
thereafter dragged only occasionally out of the shed for an airing.
It was to be some ten years before I got my next engine - scratching the OC
H&M itch by way of a Bradford before moving on to the rather less mainstream
stuff that I tend to go for now. Other engines may come and go, but I think
the Petter will be with me 'till death do us part.
I've put a few pics on webshots (infernal combustion album)
formatting link
to spot the anachronistic part wins the satisfaction of feeling like a
right clever !"£$%
BTW. I can't find the letter from DWE at the moment, but ISTR 66688 was made
in 1933 or thereabouts and originally sold to a company by the name of
Monson engineering - any further info welcome.
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Nick H
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That number and the build are consistent with 1933. If you'd like the correct pot I can do you a swap :-) regards Roland
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Roland and Celia Craven
Yes, the exhaust pot is earlier (how much so?) but I do rather like the curvaceous pipe union rather than flange. I imagine it must have acquired the replacement sometime during its working life as it was bought scrapyard fresh and unmolested, but I suppose I might just be persuaded to swap if you are in dire need.
BTW what are the chances of finding a hopper style head to fit?
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Nick H
The tulip style was used up to say mid 1923 ish but knowing Petters probably came and went in batches over the preceding year. Very small without breaking another engine. I am in DIRE need of a mag bracket and pot for a 1.5M if anyone has or knows of one?? regards Roland
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Roland and Celia Craven
"Peter A Forbes" wrote (snip):-
Earlier exhaust pot correctly spotted by Roland, who would I'm sure be the last to disagree with your description ;-)
It was like that when I got it mate (at least I think so, but it was some time ago!). Aluminium alloy so rather prone to corroding themselves on to cast iron tank after which a carelessly applied stilson will no doubt finish the job.
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Nick H
Need to be a Petter anorak for that one, but the pic #2 gives a good view of the linkage etc for the governor, something I haven't seen that clearly before now.
The other thing I have noticed is the number of filler caps that have the central 'vane' broken off or damaged. I was with Jim French briefly today, and he had a bad leakage from his Atomic injector, causing low-speed running problems. His set has an oil-tank in the base with a feed up to the lubricator and an excess oil return back to the tank. Both the fuel tank cap and the lubricator (I think) cap had broken 'vanes' on them. Maybe a job for replacements to be made?
-- Peter & Rita Forbes snipped-for-privacy@easynet.co.uk Engine pages for preservation info:
formatting link
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Peter A Forbes
Very small market. Easier to take the oil filler from a scrap Petter A and give it a little ride past an end mill :-) ttfn Anorak
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Roland and Celia Craven

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