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Conical surfaces are gaussian (they can be flattened).

SWX can do conical bends. Just do this: Create your cone by doing a thin revolve 359.9deg Insert bends Done! Flattenable sheetmetal part!

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We need to make a cone, from a donut shaped flat plate. Assuming these values:

Top ID = 2" Bottom ID = 4" Height of CONE = 2"

I assume I draw a flat donut plate that has a inner hole of 2", and an outer hole of 7.65" ?

Any way to show this in the flat and formed state like you do in sheetmetal? Also, It needs to have some slots in the cone, so are they drawn with (2) different radiuses in the flat, if they need to be a normal slot in a top down view of the cone?

Thanks for any guidance...

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Mr. Pickles

Sheet metal bending is basically a 2D problem. SW can do this all by itself.

Forming is a 3D problem requiring FEA type functions to simulate accurately.

If all you want to do is illustrate (approximate) the flat disk and formed cone, you can do this with a revolved line and configurations.

If you want to simulate stretching, thinning, deformation, etc., like in the real world, you need an add in. Blankworks

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is the only one I know of.



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try this,

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