How can I creating waves over a part ?

Hi people,

I have a little problem that I need to resolve !!! The problem is the next: I need to create the effect of sandwaves that the water left behind when the water goes back, you know like on a beach of a lake... So after I create a part like a rectangle an put aan extrude on it, how I can create waves on it so that look VERY natural ?

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Have you tried next one?

Create the solid part you were doing. After doing that create a sketch to the side you want those waves to be. Create the waves with a spline for example and with the sketch create extruded surface through the solid part. After doing that, insert-->cut-->with surface... That should do the trick but i'm not sure about the natural look.

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Tonius K

Have a play with the deform feature, it lets you pull surface/solid faces to sketch entities.

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D. Short

personally I would consider using a loft between wavy splines.

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Hello, one pretty hardcore, but also most accurate option is to make plaster copy of actual surface from the beach, then scan it into 3D, build surface, insert this surface into SW and replace face with that surface. If you need good results, this is the solution. We have made very similar things here with success.

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