How to get Service Pack 2 (or any service pack?)

I'm not sure if this question is un-etchical or will somehow have
someone on my back using the DMCA or something, but how does one get a
service pack if one doesn't have a subscrption service? I'm not
saying this person is me, but suppose I had a friend who's company
wouldn't pay for the subscription service because they think that if a
release has bugs (such as 2004 Sp0), that it is the responsibility of
the software company to send out patches and service packs. That's
just some people's opinion.
So how does this guy get the newest service pack? Are there legal
avenues of distribution besides the subscrption service? Illegal
avenues? Russian Mafia?
Thanks in advance for any advice. I do check my email from time to
time also if you don't want to be forever quoted on the world wide
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A perfectly valid opinion.
Any respectable VAR would gladly provide a SW customer with the Service pack.
Jim S.
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Jim Sculley
I agree if SW sells you a defective product they should fix it. But if you read the User Agreement that you check when installing it says you give up this right when you install the product.
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If you are not on subscription and report a problem that a specific SP addresses the VAR should give you that SP.
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Jeff N

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