$ IMMEDIATE Profits from selling information online. (SERIOUSLY)

There are real work at home business such as

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where you simply list products that you have and can send out electronically on places like ebay, and other auction sites, and earn a pretty nice living. The thing about this sort of stuff is that, you never have to mail anything or leave your home, and there are over 65 million visitors to ebay every day, so your potential is limitless. Even if 1,000 other people were listing the same thing, it really wouldn't matter, because so many people are visiting.

I bought the same package and was mailed a CD full of ebooks that I could use and list, and some I seen which sell for over $39.95 each. I put them on ebay as $29.95 each, and within 3 days I made my $150.00 back plus some extra return.

I seriously doubt you will get rich from anything like this, but it's a start. It currently pays my car note and some utilities, which is good enough for me saying that the money I make from my regular job I can save more of, so it's a pretty nice thing to do on the side. You do have to work a little a the beginning and actually list your products, but after that, you can always hit the relist button and relist the exact same stuff automatically without redoing anything. It's a good investment for only $150.00.

Just my two cents. Take it how you want to, but I'm doing fine with it.

Works simple as this in short:

1 = buy the package and receive DVD full of materials to sell online 2 = list the ebooks on the net anywhere, mainly ebay and other auction sites 3 = make money daily. get paid instantly each time, and then just send out there ebook (you can even set it to be automated if you want) 4 = that's it. there is no step 4. except of course clicking the button to relist the auctions after the material listing has expired.

There are similar packages for less $$, but you don't get nearly as much material, and it's all repeat material, so I highly recommend this one, as I'm doing quite well with it and have over 7500+ feedback currently. I can't say my ebay name though, else people will think I'm promoting for myself, so I won't do that, but anyways, I have nothing to do with this site, and just wanted to let people know that there ARE ways to make a decent living from home.

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