Labeling in SW or showing notes or comments

Hi all, I'm new to this NG and to Solidworks. I was creating a layou of a warehouse for the company I'm doing an internship for (I'm student at Harvey Mudd) and I ran into a problem. The warehouse ha large shelving with various parts


|_|_|_|_|_ |_|_|_|_|_ | | | | |

(something like that, lol

and I wanted to know what a quick way was to indicate in the assembl view what parts are there. I wanted to add a note or a comment bu you can only see them in the drawing view (from what I've tried) no the model view. Right now I'm just creating a block in side th little holes and writing with a text sketch what part is there anyone know how if there's someway to have the comments or notes sho in the assembly mode? Also, do you know how I can use a custom textur and what format it has to be in Thanks in advance :

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Near the top of hte feature tree in your assembly, you should find a folder names Annotations. Right click on that and explore some. Among other things, you should find how to display notes in models.

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Dale Dunn

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