SW or Inventor or Wildfire?

Need to evaluate again for a new employer. Anyone have recent
experience and can point out some strengths / weaknesses of each as
they pertain to machine design? I have about 4 years on SW, he has 1
seat of Inventor but has not had time to learn & is still running MDT.
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1. ProE Wildfire 2. SolidWorks 3. Nothing 4.Nothing 5. Nothing 6. Nothing 7. Inventor
Hope this helps.
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I think you are being a little harsh. MDT should be on there at #6.
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Brian Putnam
Go with the new boss & talk to other Companies near you that run SolidWorks & then Inventor.
Look at the suppliers who use it.
Evaluate the ramp up time, inefficiencies and delays.
Use what work well with the least wasted time.
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Don't forget to include Solid Edge in that eval.
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I evaluated WF2, INV9 and SW2005. I spent one year to this project.
SW won 6-0. I used ProE in earlier life and I was sure it will be the best. After 1 week use of SW I was sure SW will be our program.
- much easier to learn - with ProE assembly you cannot drop components in assembly and mate them. You must mate them in that order you dropped in assembly. Restructuring is wasting of time. - ProE had bugs with functions which has made in 1987 or something. - with SW you can do quick buttons better and those save a lot of time - PTC uses resources for Windows compatibility and user interface. They realized this in year 2000, five years too late. - With SW I evaluated program and same time did my normal design work. I just started to design with SW. - with ProE you must design in wireframe mode. Shading and edge lines are too bad. - Inventor had one advantage: Rotate/pan -function. It is really good with large size assemblies.
SolidWorks just has founded what machine designers need. If you do very complex parts then I don't know. We do simple parts, mostly could be done with manual- and laser machines.
We do 1000-5000 part machines (without fasteners) and machines are never same. We must modify or redesign all machines.
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