Leader Question, radii

I have two arcs, in the drawing, near each other, the same radius. I'd
like to place one dimension with two leaders, one to each arc...is this
do-able with "real" dimensions? Or do I have to 'fake it' with a note?
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You have to do it with a note, but it's not quite faking it...
While in the note, click on the model dimension, the text of which will appear in the note, and update automagically if the radius changes. Then hide the model dimension. You'll have to type the "R"....
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Nice...thanks for the tip!
Michael wrote:
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And I think 2007 will add this capability to add two leaders from a raduis dimension....so not much longer.
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Used to use this method all of the time, until....
The problem that could be encountered with this technique, is that if at some point the 2 radiuses ever become different to one another. The note will only show the radius that the dimension is going to. Yes, I killed a part in the shop due to this. Therefore, I don't use this method anymore. : (
If you are 100% sure that the two radiuses will ALWAYS be the same to one another, then go for it.
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Seth Renigar
Another issue is that you will not be able to display tolerances using this method. So if you change the tolerance in the model, it won't carry over to the print, as well as just not being able to display it correctly. If you use a +/- tol, you can just enter it in the note, but you're up the creek if you want a bilateral. Best practice would be to use "2X" on a real dimension if possible or if obvious.
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