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Is it possible to "Array" from the mid plane, like extrude?

I created a feature in the center if my part (the best place to measure from in my part), and just want to create an array, about the center in a 3 x 3 pattern or any odd numbered pattern for that matter.

Seems like this should be there, but I cannot find it within the linear feature command... probably missing something here.


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Aron Bacs, Jr.
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Sorry for the question, but here is the answer I figured out:

How do you create an array of features when the feature to array is originally located in the center? (As opposed to creating an array (linear pattern) staring with a feature that is off to the side or in the corner of the desired array; the most typical.)

1) Linear Pattern Direction 1, Distance, Number of "feature(s)" to repeat 2) Then use Direction 2 and check "pattern seed only", Distance, Number of "feature(s)" to repeat 3) Make sure Direction 2 is the same axis and just the opposite of Direction 1, watch the arrows...

Check - Viola - a pattern of new features on both sides of a centered feature.

The above method only creates a linear 1 x N array with the original pattern in the center.

To get a 2D version you must repeat this for the other axis.

Seems like this command could be improved to allow 2D arrays with the original pattern starting in the center; or have the original feature be any one of the newly arrayed locations. I.E. to create a 6 x 6 array, original feature with 2 to the left of the original feature and 3 to the right, 1 row to the top of the original and 4 rows to the bottom, for a total array 6 x

  1. Therefore the starting feature can be anywhere within the array, not just the edge, corner or center. I personally find that the best place for the first feature is not often one of these places.


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Aron Bacs, Jr.

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