Hi guys
I am trying to get as prepared as possible prior to purchasing SW and
have another easy question for the experts! ;-)
Is it possible to edit the default Photoworks materials?
I am thinking specifically of the Stainless steel mesh i have seen.
(square holes punched through steel) is it possible to for instance
change the pattern shape to diamon or circle? (i know you can change
the size etc)
I guess it will keep model speed up using a material like this rather
than trying to create it as a part ??
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Stock PW materials can be adjusted but not in the way you suggest. If the material is stainless mesh and it has square holes, the hole shape can not be adjusted. You could adjust the illumination, texture, surface finish settings. The best thing to do for something like this is search the web for picture of the material you need or take a picture on your own and crop it correctly so it can be used as a tilable image. The stock PW materials are ok. I find that I usually can achieve more realism by creating my own using the methods I just spoke of.
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Rob Rodriguez

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