Multi-lines Custom Properties

Is there a way to create custom properties on multiple lines?
My custom property "Description" of a bearing is really long and I
want it to show up in a short BOM so I need this description to
display on many lines.
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You could insert hard returns, ctrl-enter, where you need them. If you are going to do it with VBA use Chr(13). In the SWx summary info, you will only see the line you are currently on. Try typing AAA ctrl-enter BBB ctrl-enter CCC in a property. Notice when you press ctrl-enter, you start a new line and previous line disappears. Press the HOME, LEFT to go to previous line. Press END, RIGHT to go to next line. SWx may not be able to handle the row height correctly in the excel BOM so you may have to manually adjust.
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KCS Company
Have you tried this in Custom Properties on 2005 and gotten it to work?
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Or, try using the SW BOM as it can adjust the height & wrap the text.
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Wayne Tiffany
Ctrl-Return escapes out of the dialog in 2004. I use a macro with a textbox to add a multi-line property. Just pass the string from the text box to the property and any returns that the user inputs will be reflected in the property. Because I wanted multi-line property for drawings and single line for BOM I created 2 properties for description.
"Description" used for BOMs single line "Description2" used for Title Blocks multi-line.
I was able to add both With one user entry it just strips off everything from the Return on and applies that to the "Description" Corey
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