need help finding mate

sorry, couldn't resist.

i'm having some trouble mating two cylinders in an assembly. imagine the following:

two slender cylinders, perpendicular and in two separate planes.

one cylinder, of course, is fixed.

setting the position of the second cylinder is proving difficult. i can make them perpendicular (perp. mate on the axis) and i can keep them in different planes... however..

i need to mate the second cylinder to the first using x,y&z coordinates. that is, i would like to mate the center of a circular face of cylinder 2 x mm to the right, and y mm higher than the fixed cylinder.

i realize "right" and "higher" are subjective.

imagine two drinking straws... forming an "X" but not touching in the middle. i need to specify the distance between the two and also the ... say "offset" .. that is if they look like an "X" or, if i increase the offset of straw#2, a "y"

hope that made some sense. thanks,


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When all else fails, make a 3DSketch in the assembly that captures where you want the axes, then mate the sylinder's axis to this. The assembly may solve significantly faster if you can tolerate having this sketch in a part.

An excelent reason to start using a skeleton part in you assembly.

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Dale Dunn

try using the planes of the cylinders to do the mates rather than the axes. one set of planes perp, another set at distances, etc bill

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bill allemann

To do this I would just use axis's, planes or faces with perpendicular, parallel or distance mates, but for an alternative, when creating the cylinders, why not put a sketch point at the centre of your cylinder sketch's. In the assembly you can use these points in conjunction with the part plane's and face's to create distance mates.



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