PDM Works????? Pros/Cons

We're getting ready to purchase a PDM software for our engineering
department. We have 5 seats of Solidworks, 2 designers, 2 engineers
and 1 lead engineer. We also have AutoCAD drawings, so being able to
manage both is a must. We are not a "Job Shop," and we have
approximately 7000 files, majority of those are AutoCAD. We don't
plan on converting directly to SolidWorks, but we are gradually
modeling parts in 3D. We are getting ready to purchase a new ERP
system, and that is suppose to handle all of our ECO/ECN's. So
managing revision level is a must. We currently keep all old
revisions on paper file for 7 years because if we have to
replace/repair something due to a warranty problem we need to know
what the old design was.
Is there a system that will tell you what drawings need to be changed
if a model is changed?
Please post your experience, no resellers or representatives of
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Hello Matt,
If you are looking for the drawing to model relationship, you would perform a Where-Used on the model which in the result list, you would see the different assemblies that the component is used and from there you can determine the associated drawings that will need to be updated.
Best Regards,
Bob Hanson Centare Group Ltd.
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Robert Hanson
Look at DBWorks. Best of breed in my opinion.
- Eddy
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Eddy Hicks
Hi hi sir...I like the military style
how much can you afford to spend on a PDM?
SmarTeam will set you back about 100K (start to finish) for what you're talking about.
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