Problem: Anyone use MS Terminal Server Client (MSTSC) to access a computer with SW?

I use MSTSC to access other computers in the office, and also to access my work computer from home. MSTSC works great EXCEPT for SolidWorks. Viewing models is ok, but for some reason notes and text on drawings is the problem. When I hightlight text, or hover over it, everyone gets bogged down and/or locked up. I see the text is getting "scanned" and its VERY slow.

Anyone know what causes this? Again, this happens with notes/text. The workaround is to not touch any text, which is not really a workaround :)

We also have Dameware, but the refresh rate when doing anything is very slow. MSTSC performance wise is better. I understand that using Dameware is better for SolidWorks graphics, but I find the refresh rate to slow. I experimented with some of the settings in Dameware, but it didnt help much.

If anyone has any idea why MSTSC has problems with notes/text on drawings, please post.

If anyone has any suggestions/tips on using Dameware, please post.


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