PROE installed but nothing happens when clicked on the icon


My name is Amit. I have a problem regarding Pro-engineer wildfire 2 and 3.0. I installed these softwares on my laptop. It installed successfully. It shows starting icon but when I click on that it shows nothing. No process performance in task manager No error message. I did not get any help from PTC. My laptop is Dell Inspiron E 1405. (14" wide screen) Its a new ( purchased just 4 months before). I need Proe badly. I am in great trouble. My whole work is stucked. Anyone has any idea about this? Pls help..

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Buy a legal copy

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Try looking on

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You are a liar. If you called PTC's support line they would resolve the issue. I have been using Pro/E for nearly a decade now, and have resolve many issues successfully with PTC's tech support. Their support is closely monitored for quality and competency, and they keep track of all open cases and work quickly to close the cases and resolve the issues. So, if you had a legal copy of Pro/E and actually called PTC you would not be here posting. A lot of the illegal copies do not work correctly, and are shared versions that one user managed to get working for his particular computer system and then immediately shared it. A lot of those copies are also plagued with viruses.

So if you need Pro/E ever so badly, just cough up the money and buy a seat.

As a side note, you'll find SolidWorks to not only be cheaper than Pro/ E, but also faster and easier to learn. Judging from your actions of posting for Pro/E help in a SolidWorks forum, it sounds like you need easier to learn programs. Have you tried an Etch-a-sketch?

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