pw2 problem

Hi all,
I have a rendering. It's an aluminum extrusion frame with a piece of
plexi inserted into grooves. When I render (indirect illumination)
random black splotches appear on the face of the extrusion where the
edge of the plexi would be IF you could see it there (which you can't).
I say random because the higher res I render the worse they are and
when I render my animation (using this part) they move around from
frame to frame.
Reflect and refract I have tried default 1 and 4 as well as higher
I had this same problem last summer with a similiar part - I've never
solved it.
If you have any ideas please let me know.
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, hit enter and then choose the PhotoWorks button at the left. Read the tip "Indirect illumination spots". This should help you with your problem.
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Rob Rodriguez
Might want to try to use the setting under Scene, Lighting, Transparent shadows, so shadows can be seen through transparent objects.
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Thanks fo the tip Rob! That helps a lot.
Matt, I'm trying transparent shadows seperately but I would have thought that with only indirect illumination in my scene the shadow setting would have no effec? I'm going to try it now.
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Assume nothing with PW2 - The whole programme is a nightmare and it changes (breaks?) from one SP to the next. Using Indirect Illumination is the most tricky and if you get any consistant results please let me know :-)
Good luck
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