Quadro FX 1300 vs ATI FireGL V3100

Apologies in advance if this topic has been covered, I just can't seem
to find any information about the ATI card. In looking at a Dell
Precision 370, these are the cards in my budget. Does anyone have
experience with either/both of these cards? We typically have 1,000
part or less assemblies, complex surfaces are rare, occasional
animation, no rendering. The Nvidia is $340 more than the ATI which I
don't mind paying if it is truly worth it. Comments?
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Brad Goldbeck
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I can't answer your question directly, but search this newsgroup on FireGL - plenty of discussion there.
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Wayne Tiffany
Hi there,
I am sitting with an ATI FireGL T2, and although it is not the high-end part you are asking about I have generally had good experiences with ATI cards. I believe it is often said in reviews that ATI offers more "bang for the buck" than nVidia, so I would go for the ATI. Actually, I am not in any way affiliated with ATI.
Regards Frederik Daniel Hjort
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Frederik Daniel Hjort

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