Quadro Fx 1400 vs 3400


For using with Wildfire2, I don't know what card I should choose : quadro fx

1400 or 3400. In spec viewperf benchmarks that are published, fx1400 have a speed of 46.8 and fx3400 have a speed of 48 (difference is less than 3%). So, the speed difference seems to be ridiculous in regard of price difference. However, is there any other significant difference I didn't noticed between the two cards or is there a real difference just in some other softwares (that are more "graphicals" ?) I know that Fx1400 have 128Mb of Vram and fx3400 have 256Mb but I don't know how this can Improve working with ProE or not and in which circumstances ...

Thanks for any advice, GB

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g. bon
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g.bon the on board ram for the video will help when you are working i a large assembly (ie. 1000+ parts). If most of the assemblies tha you work in are like 100+ parts then you might not need the mor expense card. You need to accdess your needs and determine whic works best for your situation

I'm running a Quadpro card and I've used ATI cards like on a lapto

and man can you tell the differnce, but between the 2 cards you ar looking at it's probably going to unoticalbe

Good luck, Glenn |B

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I read an article once that explained OpenGL graphics and was shocked at the conclusion. Because of the way OpenGL works, the amount of video RAM needed is (relatively) miniscule and is a function of color depth (16,24,32 bit etc) and screen resolution. I think the conclusion was that you needed about 7 or 8 MB of RAM per ProE window open. After having sunk thousands over the years into the latest and greatest video cards (I remember paying Dell $1800 for a 256MB Wildcat at one time) I realize that I was hardly even scratching the surface of the card's ability. If you're gaming, running lots of textures and shadows, etc, the high amount of RAM helps, but with ProE just spinning and zooming/panning, etc, it makes no difference.

What does make a difference is the speed of the processor on the video card, so I would focus on that. In your case, with a 3% difference, I would buy the cheaper card.


ps. If anyone here read the same OpenGL explanation, could they post a link? I would like to print it out.

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