Linux, ATI FireGL X1

Hello! Look this Problem: It concerns Suse8.1 with a ATI FireGL-X1. Driver version 2,12 of ATI. XFreeversion is 4,2,0 XServer is XFree86 Modules fglrx and to be agpgart with the X11 start loaded. The question is, has someone experience with WildFire and SuSE 8,1 in connection with the ATI Fire GL X1? I drive with the week version 2003100. Unfortunately WF falls after short time with the error message FATAL: fglX1ÇMMFreeSurface: firegl_FreeBuffer() failed off. Here does someone have experience with this configuration and can a tip give oneself?

Greeting Gerd

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Gerhard Kottsieper
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