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I recently upgraded my workstation from a 1.8Ghz with 768megs of Ram and an integrated video card (Dell Nvidia), to a 3.0 Mhz comp with 1Gig of ram and an ATI 3100 GL 128 card. SW seems to be running worse than it did before. It is choppy when I rotate a part, (even a small part not an assembly). I read that I should disable the hyperthreading, which i have done. Is there anything else I should do to speed this up? All of the options settings are low. I should be able to work faster with this machine.

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It's not running with software OpenGL is it? Even the ATI should be smooth on a simple part.

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Dale Dunn

Sounds like a video driver problem to me. Try a different one. Even more so than with Micro$oft's Windows "updates", the latest is not necessarily the greatest.


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Sounds like your running in software OpenGL mode. Launch SW, and with no documents open, go to "tools-options-performance". Down at the very bottom there's a check box "use software OpenGL". If it's checked, uncheck it. If it's greyed out, you have an incompatible, bad, or improperly configured driver. This may also mean the card is bad.



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Due to a "shy" budgetting of our IT guy, we are about to buy a station fitted with an ATI 3100 GL 128 card. Anyone else having trouble with it? TIA JM

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Jean Marc BRUN

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