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Greetings geniuses,

Lately I've noticed some annoying behavior with my mouse, and I was wondering what others' experience and advice might be.

I've noticed that when I move the pointer over the SW window, it halts whenever something in the graphics view gets highlighted. For example, if I'm moving across the graphics area dynamically highlighting a face or edge sometimes causes the pointer to hesitate over that entity. The pointer does catch up to where it's going. This seems to be much worse when the system is working hard in general, and also occurs in other apps. If the CPU is pegged, I can alos get the effect over blank space on the desktop, or when waiting for the task bar to pop up or something. This can make everyday mouse work frustrating, as I sometimes get enough lag that I can't see where the pointer should be for a moment, and I have to wait for it. Rarely more than a fraction of second, but enough to be annoying and cause missed clicks.

Maybe I'm nuts, but I seem to remember that my mouse pointer used to be much less affected by system load. Do other people have this behavior? Could it be a driver issue?

Athlon64 3400+ (Cool n' Quiet enabled)

1GB RAM Quadro FX1100 67.22 drivers MS Intellimouse optical 4.1 drivers

I'd try newer mouse drivers, but I've read of issues with Intellimouse 5 drivers and SW mmb rotation.

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Dale Dunn
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well OK I will take a stab or are a few ideas

1.your graphics card is overheating- gamers report a temp bug with fx series cards and later NVIDIA drivers running 10c or so up and the fan not operating as it should have a virus of spyware or some such going on also. 3.your intellimouse has a fault- this actually sounds like an issue similar to one where if you put your pc into sleep mode and when you wake the system up again there is lag like you describe because of a capacitance issue. I presume you use a USB connection. the cure for that one is to disconnect the mouse for 30 secs to let it discharge then reconnect...or to move it to a different port- maybe try this just to isolate the issue to the mouse? 4.the mouse is sharing a USB hub with other hardware and this is also sharing IRQ assignment and running out of bandwidth have a dirty/dusty/or dodgy/bent connection somewhere or even fatigued/broken wires in the lead
  1. there is in my experience an issue with the SW2005 GUI that I reported in beta 1 concerning flicker and lag/float that you may be noticing too where the pointer seems to be given less priority than to calcs and model rotation etc. I have noticed issues like you describe where the pointer gets disrupted while other things are going on in the background. this is driver independent HTH
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Thanks for having a stab at it.

I thought you might be on to something here, as I have concerns about the fan on this thing. But I can't get the temperature to stay much above 52°C. Also, the issues appears to be independent of temperature.

I've taken all the precautions that can be taken...

I'll give it a try, but this machine never sleeps. interesting issue, I've never heard of it. I'll see if I can find an adapter to for the PS/2 port.

Last night I also noticed the same behavior with highlighting of message headers on the SW discussion forum (using IE for compatability). In other words, it's not limited to SW.

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Dale Dunn

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