Re: Better Than Ever!

You forgot to mention that the thread name was Wanna Laugh ?!?!?

Can you get it ,that all emastercam forum LOL , especially after you was banned second or third time . Being moderated forum this thing happens fast ,like thunderbolt ->

you banned !

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How many Mastercam manuals does it take for jon to program a pocket?

Answer: None , Jon says there's a bug in Mastercam and it won't do pockets with a $80 coolant through tool.

Jon says: Mastercam has another bug, 'You can put the WCS -anywhere- you want' - 'I don't think that's right'

clueless strikes again


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and...I might add here we dont really need this chatter cross posted to both groups ad nauseum

how about you alt.machines guys do us all a favour and resist the tempation to reply endlessly to everything jon posts

I dont want to add a whole lot of people to my suggested blocked senders list but if its necessary to kill the prevalence of un-Solidworks stuff posed here I will.

many thanks

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Banned from CNCZone again, huh?

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