Re: cosmetic threads

If it's a drawing of an assembly, you might have to go to Model Items and
Insert Cosmetic Threads
Rick Lussi
good ol' bob z. is sittin here just mindin his own business...
> all of a sudden, his boss wants some drawings! you mean bob z. can't just
> sit here and mind his own business? bob z. has to do something for somebody
> else? what!?!?!
> back to the point. bob z. really likes the way solidworks 2d dwgs look.
> clean. efficient. but, wait! where are the threads? hmm... o.k., go to
> the feature tree, expand a few things. voila! cosmetic threads.
> right-click. hide. hide? they are already hidden on the dwg! why does
> the 'tree' say they are being shown? o.k. we can play this game.
> right-click. hide. right-click. show.
> zoom in to the threads. freakin A right! yee-haw! they are there. better
> rebuild and save. (you do save a lot, right?) zoom out.
> wait a second. zoom back in. uh, no. nope. uh-huh. what the?!?!? the
> cosmetic thread has decided to hibernate again!
> come on!
> swx 2003 sp3.0
> dell precision 350
> 1gb ram
> quadro 900xgl video
> winnow$ 2000 sp3.0
> spaceball
> trackball
> bob z. has a lot of balls to play with. :~)>
> --
> bob z.
> p.s.
> "people with less brain power than you are doing more difficult things > everyday"©
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Rick Lussi
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insert model items cosmetic threads.
that does it!!! thanks a lot!
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bob zee
Since your original post "seemed" to suggest it was a SolidWorks ...uhh..problem, can we get a little love back for the folks in Concord?
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Richard Doyle
HECK YEAH!!! bob z. loves solidworks. solidworks rocks!!! long-live solidworks.
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bob zee
OK, we've got a king. Now we need a pope.
Jerry Steiger Tripod Data Systems
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Jerry Steiger

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