Re: CosmosXpress may cause floating assembly components

I did add spilt lines to both parts prior to CosmosXpress to created
> resistance and force boundaries. Any suggestions as to what may have caused
> my assembly to go nuts!
When you split a face, SW can lose mates to that face. (I'm not sure if it
always loses all mates or if it sometimes manages to save some or all of
them. I think it is the latter.) I believe this is because one or both of
the split faces now has to have a new name. If you were mated to the part
that gets a new name, your mate is broken.
I haven't tried it (I didn't think of it till now), but you might try
deleting the split lines. That might, by some mighty miracle, give you a
face with the original name and fix the mates.
Jerry Steiger
Tripod Data Systems
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Jerry Steiger
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I got an SPR for this early last year. Still isn't fixed of course. There is just no good reason for SolidWorks to assign a new face ID like that.
Mike Wilson
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Mike J. Wilson
That's bizarre. Were the mates connected with edges that were shared with a split face?
Jerry Steiger Tripod Data Systems
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Jerry Steiger

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