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If you double click the feature you will get all the dimensions to edit the feature. Beyond this you have to edit and reinsert. Library features can be disolved. I don't know if any of this changed in 2004.


I have created some custom forming tools of typical embosses we use, > added them to the Feature Palette and placed them on some sheet metal > parts. Now, I want to make some minor changes to a couple of these > features, but can't figure out how to edit these? I understand that > you can "Edit Palette Item" for the master feature, but is there > anyway to edit features I have placed? The only thing I can figure out > is that I have to edit the master (or create a copy) and replace every > one on each part? Is there anyway to replace features or establish a > link prior to placement? Does anyone have a better way to approach > this requirement?
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