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The issues you bring up are not limited to surfaces, or even to just lofts or splines.

The red origin is the sketch origin. You can't really do much with it except use it as a reference for sketch horizontal/vertical, scale about it using the sketch modify tool, and maybe a couple of other things. By default, it is placed at the projection of the part orgin onto the sketch plane, but there are times when it can move, such as when using the sketch modify to move a sketch, and when copy/pasting or deriving sketches.

You're right about the numbers in the property manager showing distance from the sketch origin, even though you cannot dimension from the sketch origin. I can see why it might be a bit confusing, but I never worry about it because I never use the numbers in the prop mgr except to tweak the X-Y position of a particular point by the spin increment.


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My "friend" has a question regarding surfaces. > > He has created an insert for shoes by making sketches on


planes then lofting between the sketches. He drives the

points from

the origin, using dimensions driven from the design table. > > In his Surface-Loft sketches, he gets a red origin looking

thingy that

is unselectable. His splines look fine, but if you select

each point

you will see that the dimension value doesn't match the

points x-y

parameters listed in the browser. It appears that they are


likely to match the distance from the red origin. > > Unfortunately, I only work with solids, so my surface

modeling is a

bit limited. > > Thanks
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Yep, it does not make much sense and it starts to become more of a blur after manipulating the sketch using move/rotate.

BTW, it's something that Ade$k Inventor markets against SW.


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Paul Salvador

while extruding thin walled tubes in a multi tube truss, i noticed that if i created a tube sketch plane using the perpendicular to a curve scheme and i had a pre-existing point on the curve, the red thingy origin of sketches in that plane was the pre-existing point.

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Thanks for the info. I'll pass it along. Feel free to expound on anything you like.

There's not many times that too much information is a problem, unless your grandma is telling you about the stone she passed.


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T Bennett

I have NEVER understood the reason for the SEPARATE sketch origin.

AFAI'm concerned, it serves no useful purpose and is nothing more than a source of confusion.

What would be so difficult (in SolidWorks programming)to simply have the imported sketch adopt coordinates for its entities relative to the

3D "world" origin?

Those world coordinates should, of course, update in response to relative moves and rotations, etc. instead of being "frozen" forever to the inacessible sketch origin.

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