Re: SheetMetal - automatic inclusion of bend angle data?

Thanks Bruce,

Although laborious when done for many bends I think this has the makings of a script. We'll keep working on it.


Here is one way. > 1. In the model, display all annotations. > 2. In the model, create a note and instead of typing anything onto the note > entry field, click on the angular dimension for the first bend. > 3. Delete the note if you wish. > 4. You will see a text string representing the bend info. > 5. Copy this text to the clipboard. > 6. In the drawing, create a note describing the bend direction (BEND UP or > BEND DOWN) for the bend you just copied the bend data for and paste the > previously copied text string to the end of this note. > 7. Repeat for any other bends. > 8. The bend angle annotions will then be associative to the model.
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I already have written a script to do something like this, I can mail it to you... You may have to modify the script to suit your requirements.

Just let me know!

Vinodh Kumar M.

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Vinodh Kumar M

Vinodh, thank you very much for the script. It is 90% of the way to what we were after!

You've saved us many hours.


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