Sketching problems on SW2003 SP4

Hi Does anyone else have problems with sketches in SP4? SW seems to freeze up and spend a lot of time thinking while working in simple sketches after a while. It seems to cope fine for the first three or four sketches opened and closed, but then goes cookie. Task manager also seems to freeze and be unsure about what is being used in the way of memory or processor time during these periods. I only have maybe 5 windows open in total (first thought was the graphics card) - running at 1600x1200 32mb colours. Once you get out of the sketch, everything seems to work fine - models spin fine etc. Any ideas please before I regress to SP3.1 - although that had problems with some other bits I need! Unfortunately it is a new computer and the first time I have used SP4 - I haven't got another machine to test on either. Dell Latitude 840C - 1Gb RAM, 64mb Geforce4Go with latest Dell drivers (not hacked), Win2K sp4, SW2003sp4. TIA Deri

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Deri Jones
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