Re: Sheetmetal help? Bending from flat?

Two things you can do to get bends in a flat part that already has the flatpattern with tabs.(It makes sense to me)

1) - in process bends make a sketch of your bend lines - then expand process bends. You can edit each bend individually for degree, direction, etc. 2) Sketched bends - draw a sketch of each bend that is in the same direction and the same degree you can put multiple bends in one sketch but they all have to be identical - use the sketched bend tool here you can specify the degree, direction, etc but you are not able to specify them individually. - repeat for each different bend.

If you get bend errors you may have to add relief in the corners so that the bends don't run into eachother. I just use circular relief. I increment the sizes until it works to have the minimum relief possible.

I have a part that was derived from a larger component. Some of the > edges of this part are contoured to match with the finished assembly > and I have a bunch of locating and fastening holes that are all > derived but otherwise it is a flat part. > > There is a tab cut out along the edge of this part that I need to bend > up at a 3 degree angle. Using the sheetmetal functions I can get it > to bend 90 degrees along a fold line but I can't find where to change > the angle. Is there an easy way to do this or am I barking up the > wrong tree? > > Cheers, > > Bob
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Thank you all, gentlemen! Exactly what I was looking for.



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