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For PW1, that's pretty sweet and real looking for that lighting enviroment!

With PW2, I'd say you can easily raise the level of realism a few more head turns. Well, with the render hit (-) time of course.

Which reminds me, I'll have to do some hefty renders on my new P4 3ghz (3X faster than my old system)


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Paul Salvador
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If you noticed, it took three different colored lights to do it. The thing I most would like in PW2 I think are the environmental effects

And I just noticed I really f'd up the wording in my previous post.

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Devin Hughey


1 hour is about right but it depends what I'm doing during the day so I would estimate that on the design I'm working with, (using 400-800 megs of system memory and about 50-100 megs of data on average), about 30min to 1.5 hours are saved when using SW 8hrs/day.

Now, if I was working with the largest dataset all day, making a lot of changes, it could possibly go to 2 hrs saved in a 8hr day if I'm not abusing the speed advantages.

That is, there is a factor which I think offsets this figure somewhat (plus and minus), it's the opportunity to explore more per iteration or make more changes. (good and bad)

.. 8^]

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Paul Salvador

that is the key right there. the ability to explore. with a slower computer, you are less likely to 'try things'.

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bob zee

erm in a word i think most engineers and designers would get little more from pw2 than pw1 the rendering time taken is now equal with most third party renderers and i know of two for which the same quality of image or better is acheivable in seconds rather than 40 minutes +. the hardware hit is also excessive now that global illumination is involved plus setting global illumination properly ,and i dont mean applying that bodge of an environment up is a bit of a pain in pw2.

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