Select other? NOT!

Is anyone seeing the following select other weirdness?
Start the mate command....I pick a face with LMB.
RMB, select other, cycle thru some faces till I get the one I was after...
LMB to accept the selection.
The original face I picked on turns green and says "you must pick from two
different components for mating.
Well, I realize I have to do that!
Which is what I was trying to do when I got bogged down in the select other
There are some other variations of this condition
Better results are achieved with the RMB on the very first pick. Although
This is not always true.
Other conditions like order of the pick also seems to be in play....
I have seen this on two different workstations.
I suspect I do not understand some of the implications of the changes to the
mate command.
Anyone notice this?
I would love to change the way I pick....(not really) if I could figure out
the recommended "select other behavior"
Recommendations anyone?
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I usually select with the RMB if I know I'm am going to do a "select other" Seems to work almost all the time that way.........
Noel Jones
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N. Jones
Same here...if I know I'm gonna "select other" I always rmb directly, close to for example an edge, must say I've never seen this ......and it seem like I can't repet it
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Krister L
SPR 197110
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Thanks Malcolm, I thought it was a bug.
Thanks to everyone else on the right click to avoid the irritation!
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I just checked that SPR # and it is specific to the RMB menu for ballooning. You'll probably want to report your problem too.
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