"Select Other" Bug?

I noticed this on my system, with 2005 SP0.1 installed...
*) Start a new assy
) Drag a part from the Design Library into the assy
*) RMB a face and do a "Select Other"
If the part is native 2005, I can select the other face.
If the part is pre-2005, the original (now invisible) face
gets selected every time.
Not good!
Does anyone else see this? If so I'll submit...
Mike Wilson
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Mike J. Wilson
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I reported it during beta, but I didn't recognize that it was old parts that had the problem. I thought it was "intermittent".
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Dale Dunn
Just saw it today. Glad to know what was going on. I was busy trying to wrap something up and only gave it a quick `WTF???' and worked around it.
I'll keep an eye out and report it to my VAR next time.
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Just a reminder that we started this discussion a while back, but never did come to a conclusion. The subject then was "I'm too stupid to use select other in 2005".
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Wayne Tiffany

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