Sharing Materials

Just did a quick search about this but couldn't see right away if
anyone has been sharing...
The SW default material database is limited in size, and I'm curious if
anyone out there has been adding materials to a custom database like I
have been? If so, does anyone want to share? ;)
It seems a little ridiculous that I'll probably need to add several of
the same materials that bob, joe, susan, and billy all already added at
their respective workplaces! How come SW doesn't just spend the time
to have a 'programmer' sit and input a whole long list of materials for
the SW material database before the product ships??
Is there a better solution?
Thanks in advance!
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I use
formatting link
for material specs. If you upgrade to the premium version, you can export any material in the SolidWorks/COSMOSWorks library format.
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Keith Streich
Have you tried this from MatWeb? Is it pretty seamless?
I asked this before but got no response and assumed that no one had. I would gladly pay the $40 or whatever it is to be able to get some useful materials without jumping through all the hoops.
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Since my company goes on the cheap, and we only work with various metals (mostly ferrous steel), I jump through all the hoops also.
All the properties are there but one (thermal expansion coefficient), since that is a none factor for us, it didn't matter.
One oddity, when I exported to excel, only the metric units came over, I have my units set to IPS and I was to lazy to do the metric conversions, so I was copy and pasting (easier hoops than the old days).
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Keith Streich

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