SolidWorks magazine ad - this is funny!

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On page 9 is a SolidWorks ad with a stick on it saying "check the
BOM..wouldn't have happened with SolidWorks" blah blah blah.
OK SolidWorks listen up. Yeah the BOM might have been correct and Balloons
would have shown up, but for the love please improve your text! This is
picky, but the dates aren't even centered.
On the lower right part of your format the text "DO NOT SCALE DRAWING" runs
over the format line. Now how many of you have seen this over and over where
the text does not print out the same as it shows up on screen?
SolidWorks, this is embarassing. Please don't rub it in my face that this is
an issue and you care so little as to publish it all over the world.
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Jeff N
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I've often sat through roll-outs watching the jockey demo new "really cool - WOW" drawing improvements and the whole time I was focused on the piss-poor drawing format he/she was using. You're right it's nit-picky, but it's still something that sticks out like a sore thumb.
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Richard Doyle
This I too felt the very same way. What they tell us? It almost make me to make the post about this too.
Almost like one guy who design a car with bicaclye handbars and want we to get excitement.
I read on this too and make me almost mad after to bad of the BOM looking and no longer can I click on baloon and get right upon to one BOM entries.
They make to bragging on like they invent a rewinder for the DVDs (i smiles) it mkes about this much usefule.
Ok you know now that others are felling these ways to-
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I saw this add too and noticed some irony in it myself. The whole premise of the add seems flawed to me as the redlined drawing was clearly done in SW (any number of items indicate this). Why didn't they at least come up with and ACAD drawing (or MDT, Invetor, pro/e, unigraphics, catia, etc.)?
If they can't even make a drawing template look good for a printed advetisement, how do they expect us to. The unpredictable moving text is EXTREMELY frustrating to me.
That drawing is ugly, and its not even very complicated. Maybe putting it in an ad will get the attention of someone at SW who also notices the little details that make a drawing look professional.
In my case, the ad was in design news, pg 13.
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