Stink SW installer and Anti-Virus

For crying out loud, why the hell can't the SW installer make sure you
have your anti-virus disabled?? Stinking 30 minutes to roll back a
service pack because we can't have a warning about anti-virus? How
many years ago was this issue discovered? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!
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Mike Z.
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As far my experience with this goes, it's F-Secure and has always been. It just sucks. Never had any difficulties with other a-virus sw's. Just installed 04sp1.0 about a week ago and forgot to disable F-Secure...when I clicked the sp-file first time F-Secure crashed and halted almost entire pc..and this is not the only problem, there is also certain sql-stuff that it can't handle. Yes, I'm using something else than F-Secure at home for viruses
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Markku Lehtola
Well, I think they should at least pop up a message box reminding you ... but that's still no guarantee. Any other possible steps from there could give backdoors to the very virii they are designed to protect :/
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