SW 2006 Administrator Image Install - so I pulled the trigger again...

Just yesterday I attempted to upgrade ours 2005 to 06 and it did not go as
smooth as I would like to. Therefore I have some questions regarding this
type of installation:
1.. Should I uninstall SW on client computer before upgrade? If so why
can't I uninstall the software after applying service pack? How about the
server side, dump it and reinstall or upgrade?
2.. Is there easy way of cleaning the registry since I can not dump the
old SW using uninstall. I got 3 versions of SW in my Add/Remove Software
window, and none of them is removable.
3.. My help files are not working a got the tree view in help window but
after clicking on any of the options I'm getting " dead page error" (this
actually started happen some time ago so I can't say that this is
installation issue, or can I )
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Mr. T
Sounds like it's time for a clean slate. Uninstall what you can and delete the rest. Remove all solidworks entries from "local machine-software" and "current user-software" in the registry .
Just for the future, "NEVER" do an upgrade install "EVER". They just F#5K everything up. Allways install as a new seperate installation. You can then uninstall older versions as they're phased out, or no longer needed.
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