STL File Conversion

I was given an STL file of a part and would like to sketch a similar part;
improve it, add draft, make it injection "friendly" etc.
Problem(s) (I am sure there are more that everyone else here knows about!):
The part is not near the origin, and I cannot sketch off any surface, I.E.
create a plane on or near the part, and I need to measure the part to get it
close, but because it has no features I cannot measure...
What is the best way to go about getting this (ghostly) part into SW 2005
Certainly some data is there, SW & OpenGL draws it! I have never had this
particular problem and just cannot figure this one out!
Thank you,
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Aron Bacs, Jr.
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I think I answered my own question, maybe...
In the open dialog the options settings allow you to convert the part to surfaces or a solid body.
I may be able to get close enough from there,
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Aron Bacs, Jr.
I hate to spoil your victory feeling, but.... Those options works usually only on very simple STL files with low polygon count. In large or complicated files solidworks hangs out for a long time and after 15 minutes the surfaces shows up with errors/warnings.
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Gil Alsberg

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