Why this SW2004 error?


Can anybody explain why the following happens in SolidWorks 2004 SP1?

I have a semi-complex part with a Variable Fillet applied on one edge. No errors, no nothing. If I save the part, open it again and only EDIT and after that CANCEL the variable radius feature, the feature gets red. The error is "... radius of the fillet is too large to fit the surrounding geometry...". Can anybody please help me in this regard and explain the reason for this error or, most probably, what am I doing wrong?:)

Any help will be greatly appreciated, dUMZ

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Kind of hard to tell without seeing the part, but you might try opening up the part and running the part check on it. If it says it is OK, try ctrl-q (which forces a rebuild) and run the part check again.

Under Tools/Options/System Options/Performance is "Verification on rebuild" checked? I think it defaults to off, so your performance is faster, but it will catch errors that otherwise might be missed until later.

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Jerry Steiger

Like Jerry says.

The only things I would add to that would be to run Tools, Check. This may point out a bad spot in the geometry. In fact, you might want to roll back before the fillet and run the check. Is the part imported or all native?

Other things you might try is to cut away the part bit by bit and see where the fillet fails.

There could be other things wrong too, like funny things can happen sometimes if you use a "0" value in the middle of the VR fillet, or if the transition between values is too abrupt.

Also, and now that I think of it, this sounds more likely, it is possible that the fillet was at some point dependent on the geometry of a feature that is no longer there or that the edges the fillet is dependent on have changed because of a split face, edited sketch or some other change? There could be something going on like a "dangling" condition with one of the control points. Are all of the control points specified? What happens if you delete and recreate the feature? Do you have dimensions controlled by equations or link values?

There are a ton of possibilities, including something wrong with the software. I couldn't put my finger on it without seeing the model.

good luck


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