Wiring harness drawings?

Can anyone point me to some examples or email me some? My boss needs one of
these and I'm completely in the dark about the format of one.
email me at snipped-for-privacy@byersnospaceprecision.com (replace the'nospace's
with nothing)
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I don't have an example handy, but you might try a Google search for "nailboard drawing." These drawings mimic the manual process of creating the harness, which involves laying it out full scale on a board with nails driven to represent runs and termination points. The wires are then strung along the nails. Nailboard drawings are usually done full-scale.
Cheers, Walt
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Nailboard drawings USED to be very often done full scale before large size plotters went by the wayside for so many companies. Oftentimes now they are scaled, and sometimes they are multiple sheet to show long harnesses (some lengths continued from one sheet to another). But at least one of two other documents (and often both kinds) usually accompanied nailboard drawings. One was a symbolic wiring diagram and the other was a wiring list. Wiring diagrams usually show devices as rectangular blocks and connectors as rows of numbered pins or sockets with the reference designator of the connector at top, like so:
J1 P1 1>----- - - - 1----- - - - 2----- - - - 3----- - - - 4
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I used to design the harnesses for the Gleaner combines back before AGCO left town. If you would like an example of how we did it, let me know and I can probably get a copy of one.
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