Australian train wreck?

Last night's local paper had a picture of the wreck of a high speed train
in eastern Australia, but no story on it. It looked like the whole train
was derailed, but no one was killed.
Would any of you guys from down under like to supply some details?
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There are a number of links to stories at:
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As you noted, there were thankfully no fatalities, which says a lot for the crashworthiness of modern coaching stock. I'm just glad that no-one was killed - I have rellos and friends who work for QR.
By all accounts the rescue and recovery operation was also handled very well, considering the fact that the derailment occured well out in the donga.
But it's particularly sad in the light of QR's otherwise excellent safety record, and generally good performance.
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Mark Newton
The train is a diesel tilt train, seven coaches with a power car at each end. It has run into a 60km/hr speed limit curve at 112 km/hr. Not good! Regards, Bill.
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William Pearce

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