Boxcar Boys and Girls of the Great Depression

A new edition of "Riding the Rails: Teenagers on the Move During the Great
Depression" by Errol Lincoln Uys has been published by Routledge, New York.
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"Riding the Rails" is a riveting document of hope and hardship during one
of this nation's bleakest eras. For all that has been written about the
Depression, the travails of those under the age of 18 have been sorely
underrepresented. Gripping and well-researched, this book by Errol Lincoln
Uys is a companion piece to the award-winning 1997 documentary of the same
name. With more than 500 interviews and stunning archival photographs by
Walker Evans, Gordon Parks and Dorothea Lange, Uys so thoroughly recreates
the wretched conditions the boxcar boys and girls endured that the reader
can all but hear the cadence of the trains on the tracks and the lonesome
wail at every whistlestop."
This is an elegantly presented and quietly moving collection of firsthand
reminiscences, capturing a unique moment in American history. Uys, a
veteran writer and editor, is the author of the historical novel Brazil.
Enthusiastically recommended for all public libraries.
Whether you're a "gaycat" (novice rider) or a "dingbat" (seasoned hobo),
Riding the Rails is entertaining and inspiring, recapturing a time when the
country was "dying by inches." -- Sunny Delaney, History Editor
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