allocation history of the GWR 8-wheel tender?

I'm looking for prototype information about the solitary Collett 8-wheel
tender that was built in 1930 as Lot A123. This looks quite straightforward
bash for a Collett tender body and a set-and-a-third of standard GWR
axleboxes/springs, and I have drawings of the thing including the
information that it had 3'8" wheels instead of the usual 4'1.5".
However such a contraption HAS to be paired with the right loco! It
isn't a "that sort of thing" job at all: too many smartarses around (and
rightly so, it keeps us honest and trying harder). I am told that the device
was attached to at least half a dozen locos over its career until scrapping
in the early 60s, mostly Halls and Castles. But which ones and when? I've
only got a pic of it on 5032 Usk Castle in shirtbutton GWR days. What was it
running with in my period, 1960/61?
Hall and Castle bodies await, and if necessary I'll have the correct
plates etched, since I can get a load of other GWR plates done at the same
time for specific shed allocations.
All help appreciated,
Tony Clarke
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Tony Clarke
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I have a foto of it attached to a 4 coupled County. 3816 County of Leicester. (annotated post 1925). In previous dits on this board the sages suggested that there was more than one 8 wheeler made.
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Peter Abraham
"Peter Abraham" wrote > I have a foto of it attached to a 4 coupled County. 3816 County of
That sounds like the "other" 8-wheeler, the bogied one-off made for The Great Bear (the experimental GWR Pacific), which did indeed do the rounds after TGB was turned into a Castle (111 Viscount Churchill) in 1924. Here's a drawing:
formatting link
I'm after the later Collett rigid-frame one. Quite why the GW built it I know not, unless they were impressed by the riding characteristics of the Gresley 8-wheel tender during the 1925 loco exchanges and thought they'd try it. The capacities were the same AFAIK as the 6-wheelers and an extra set of wheels wouldn't have made so much difference to track damage.
Just a novelty to ring the changes, but as I said, it has to be the right loco for the job!
Tony Clarke
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Tony Clarke
There's a pic in J H Russell Pictorial History of GWR Engines Part 2 (page 234) of it lettered "British Railways" in fine GWR style and attached to a loco numbered 506x. This would presumably be around 1948-9, so not too helpful for your period :-)
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Tim Illingworth
I presume that in the 14 years since you posted this query that you have done the business, but if not I can state categorically that 5904 "Kelham Hall" was running with the tender in 1961. ! have a photograph of her at Hereford on 1st November 1961 which is currently on Facebook (Rail Thing - REAL Trainspotting 1945-1968 group.
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John Goss

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