Converrting to MTL couplers

What a terrible job! Just finished my first conversion -- a ConCor extended vision caboose. Took me nearly two hours for one car. This uses a #1111 coupler, installing a mini-pocket inside the ConCor pocket. It was a tight fit, so I had to file some off the MTL pocket. That was like filing a small sweet pea. How do you hold it? Then hold the pocket part way in while you insert the spring and two-piece coupler, then keep them in place while you press fit the whole assembly into the ConCor pocket. I don't remember how many times it came apart on me and I had to start over. I was soaked with sweat and tears by the time I finished. But the good news is it fit perfectly, and the couplers checked out just right. I don't have the MTL assembly kit. Is there anything in it that would make this job easier? A lot easier?

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The MTL tweezers is nearly indispensable.

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